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SOCOTEC Deutschland primary asset is its motivated and highly trained team at its 26 locations. One in four of them possesses an additional specialist qualification.

SOCOTEC Deutschland unites three renowned leading specialists in the areas of Infrastructure & Energy, Construction & Real Estate and Civil EOD & Recovery under one umbrella. With our activities in Germany and Austria, we expand the value chain in all construction sectors and are thus able to offer our clients a comprehensive portfolio of services. We’ve been doing this since 2008.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do — safety of people, the environment, structures and buildings. And safety in planning & design, approval and execution, enabling projects to be completed successfully and cost-effectively. The benefit to our clients always takes front and center stage.

The remit of our 790-strong team extends from the architectural design and master planning of structures and buildings to their inspection and verification, in addition to surveying construction sites for unexploded ordnance and providing expert support during construction. Assistance is also provided to building and facility operators in operation and lifecycle management. Digital methods are increasingly employed, e.g. building information modelling (BIM).

Our guiding principles. Our responsibility.

SOCOTEC's Code of Ethics