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Testing & EOD

Radio station NDR 1 on site at SCHOLLENBERGER

| Civil EOD & Recovery

Reporter Schorse is on a three-week tour through Lower Saxony: Every day he presents a different job that listeners have to guess. On his next-to-the-last stop in Celle he paid a visit to explosive ordnance detection and clearance specialist SCHOLLENBERGER.

On Wednesday, the 24th of February, the job to be guessed was explosive ordnance disposal specialist. Many typical sounds and other clues led to the right answer. 13,091 listeners in the audience joined in the fun and called in to the NDR radio station.

Schorse met up with Rainer Ebert of SCHOLLENBERGER Kampfmittelbergung GmbH on site in Celle and learned about those who are engaged in the detection and clearance of explosive ordnance and how they go about their work. Even now, over 75 years since the end of World War II, there are still untold numbers of unexploded bombs, projectiles and grenades slumbering in the ground all over Germany, ordnance that has to be properly dealt with, explains Rainer Ebert in an interview. A hazardous line of work, to say the least.

To listen to SCHOLLENBERGER EOD specialist Rainer Ebert’s interview, click ▶ here.