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unIQus office building in Bad Homburg completed

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The building is as fascinating as its unusual name. On a plot measuring 3,400 sqm — a repurposed area of Bad Homburg’s former freight rail depot —, a two-part office complex has been taking shape during the past couple of years which provides for 12,000 sqm of office space. The building’s design harks back to Pielok Marquardt Architecture by CANZLER, which set new standards with regard to its sustainable architectural design and elaborate façade structure.

Both sections — a U-shaped office building and an L-shaped annex together forming an E — feature four full floors and a terraced top floor. Opening towards the street, the ground floor is set back; three portals mark the entrances to the building. They lead into foyers, which in turn lead to conference rooms and offices, and the cafeteria. The layout of the upper floors is variable: individual, group and open-plan offices can be created, enabling the differing requirements of potential tenants to be catered to flexibly.

The common element of the building complex is the champaign-colored façade with its clear-cut geometric design, which is reminiscent of a barcode. The window frames are concealed, only the glass and aluminum surfaces are visible. This results in a plasticity that provides for a richly varied visual appearance and high recognition value.

Thanks to the outstanding planning and design services and the economic, flexible and sustainable building design, an unqualified success for all those involved — the builder-owner, CANZLER and SOCOTEC Germany alike.

Photo: Pielok Marquardt Architecture by CANZLER, Thomas Ott
Photo: Pielok Marquardt Architecture by CANZLER, Thomas Ott