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CANZLER plans model-based and digital

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CANZLER has been using model-based digital planning in accordance with BIM (Building Information Modeling) for many years for buildings, technical building equipment and facility management. To expand its expertise, CANZLER has had four employees certified as BIM managers.

Not only the number of certified employees is exceptional, but also that they work in different areas at CANZLER. Certification in accordance with the Professional Certification Program buildingSMART International has been awarded to an engineer for mechanics/HLS (heating, ventilation, plumbing), an engineer for information technology/ ELT (electrical control technology), an architect, and a building systems engineer.

With the knowledge, the colleagues support the control and coordination of the processes in BIM projects as well as in the organization. "The proven knowledge of the BIM experts in our company creates competitive advantages for us," says Andreas Broßmann, one of the managing directors of CANZLER GmbH. "More and more projects are being planned in BIM. The advantage is that, for example, we can access data for the development of operator concepts that we previously had to laboriously compile."

With the construction of the new Terminal 3 of Fraport AG, the real estate con­sul­ting and planning office is currently working on one of the largest BIM projects in Germany. In the main terminal building and a pier, it is responsible for planning the plumbing, heating and ventilation systems, as well as building automation throughout the new building. In addition, CANZLER is responsible for coordinated and collision-free 3D planning between structural engineering and track-related trades in the main terminal building.

CANZLER is also involved in working groups for BIM-based planning in order to actively shape its further development. For example, in Real FM e. V., which deals with BIM from the operator's and user's perspective and addresses planning- and construction-related FM.

With the Professional Certification Program, buildingSMART International offers a globally valid quality standard for the evaluation and comparability of knowledge and competencies in Building Information Modeling. buildingSMART Germany cooperates with the Association of German Engineers (VDI); who jointly developed the guideline VDI/bS-MT 2552 8.1 as the basis for the program.