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CANZLER strengthens expert activities

| Construction & Real Estate

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria appointed and swore in Albert Holzhey as an expert in the field of "IT focus on hardware, especially building automation".

Companies from the real estate industry, courts or insurance companies appoint Albert Holzhey as an expert to determine damages and defects in the field of building automation. Clients rely on the judgment, absolute neutrality and independence of the appointed and sworn expert. Holzhey therefore looks exclusively at the facts at hand to determine whether malfunctions, defects or operating errors are present in the building automation system and carries out the damage assessment and evaluation. This applies across all trades to the measurement, control and regulation technology for the systems of the HVAC trades heating, air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing at the automation level and the management level, as well as the functions of safety equipment such as controls for fire and smoke extraction systems.

CANZLER also makes this expert knowledge available for private appraisals, drawing on internal expertise across all trades. Building owners, operators, users, contractors or planning offices thus receive a neutral assessment or evaluation of the facts in order to bring about an out-of-court clarification/settlement that is less time-consuming and cost-intensive.

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