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ZPP advances “BIM in Tunnelling”

| Infrastructure & Energy

Just published: DAUB recommendations on the digital transformation of underground construction.

The recommendations of the German Tunnelling Committee (DAUB) entitled “BIM in Tunnelling — Digital Design, Construction and Operation of Underground Structures” have been published with the active support of ZPP.

DAUB consists of 30 certified experts from public authorities, the academic community, planning & design specialists, and the construction industry. Since 1972 DAUB has been devoted to safety and technical advances in underground construction and has regularly published recommendations on these topics. The new “BIM in Tunnelling” brochure represents a venture into uncharted digital territory. Previously, no standards or best practice solutions were available, which is why initial isolated solutions have been examined in-depth on the basis of pilot projects. The brochure is concluded by recommendations that are directed to expert bodies and policymakers and which illustrate the conditions under which the standardization required for the next digital transformation steps can be achieved.

“BIM in Tunnelling” is the first comprehensive publication on this topic and is ground-breaking for future construction projects in this area. ZPP’s contributors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ludger Speier and Dr.-Ing. Tobias Rahm, supported by Markus Scheffer (SD Ingenieure), as part of the core team who were involved in drafting and contributed their planning and design expertise.