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ZPP Planning the “Power Bar”

| Infrastructure & Energy

New school center located in Bochum-Gerthe to feature a forward-looking concept.

ZPP was tasked with the structural engineering design for the new building, partial demolition of the old building, and building physics services (thermal insulation, architectural acoustics (building and room acoustics).

The new North School Center combines the Realschule (secondary school), the Gymnasium (academic high school), and the School and Technology Innovation Center (IST) under one roof. The new building will stretch 220 meters along Heinrichstrasse. The architectural design incorporates a series of public areas and semi-public spaces, through to the classrooms. The various building parts are interconnected, enabling shared use while maintaining the independence of the different school types. The school center is being equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that also satisfy stringent environment and sustainability requirements. The new building will more than live up to its nickname “Power Bar”: power for the city district — power for the school site! Construction of the new building is scheduled to commence at the end of 2020.

Being a specialist with a passion for innovative projects, ZPP is looking forward to tackling the structural engineering design and building physics services for this forward-looking school center.

New school center located in Bochum-Gerthe
Photo courtesy of: Architekten Brüning Rein