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Widening the A7 — probing for unexploded ordnance

| Civil EOD & Recovery

The A7 is the longest motorway in Germany and one of the key North-South links in Europe. Widening the motorway network in Greater Hamburg is urgently needed to reduce congestion, travel times and pollution. This can’t be done until the land on which construction is to take place is verified to be free of unexploded ordnance. DEGES (Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau GmbH) commissioned SOCOTEC member SCHOLLENBERGER to perform the requisite survey work in April of 2020.

This survey is in advance of the major construction project to widen the A7 Hamburg–Hannover motorway to 8 lanes. SCHOLLENBERGER was awarded the contract to probe a corridor – including the future A7/A26 motorway junction – measuring 3.7 kilometers for unexploded ordnance and to uncover any anomalies down to a depth of 2 meters. The survey covers a total area of 128,000 square meters, or the equivalent of 18 soccer fields, in the Hamburg quarter of Moorburg. The work is exacting: approx. 73,000 holes will be drilled in the process.

In this project SCHOLLENBERGER is ensuring that all those involved in the construction project, not to mention all future motorists, may rest assured that the land on which construction is taking place is free of unexploded bombs and other unexploded war remnants. This survey marks another contribution by SOCOTEC Germany to enhanced safety and security when it comes to infrastructure.

Widening the A7 — probing for unexploded ordnance