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CANZLER supports schools and sports facilities in Hamburg

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In 2011, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg launched a programme for the new construction, maintenance and refurbishment of its schools. Already 3.6 billion euros have been invested; another four billion are planned over the next ten years. SBH is using a pool of planning companies for this, including CANZLER's Hamburg office.

Engineers and architects provide planning and object monitoring services for the technical equipment in several projects at the same time. For example, they accompany the renovation of a building in the form of a cross building. This is being carried out in two construction phases due to a lack of alternative rooms. At a larger location, five older buildings are being replaced by a new building. The replacement building will contain classrooms and common rooms, an all-day area as well as areas for sports and administration. "Sufficient precautions must be taken to ensure the ongoing operation of the schools. Renovating and building in existing buildings is associated with many special features," explains Felix Terbrüggen, the responsible project manager at CANZLER. "In one project, it is necessary to create interim conditions of a technical nature to supply the buildings, in another interim solutions for spatial uses."

All types of use represented
CANZLER provided the planning for the electrotechnical systems for the extension of a kitchen and the refectory. A sectional refurbishment of a primary school included classrooms, a caretaker's flat and a single-field sports hall. "Due to the many different projects, we are entrusted with the technical equipment in all uses," says Terbrüggen. The spectrum includes water, heat, ventilation, electrical, signalling and media technology. In addition, room books or a cross-trade fire protection matrix have to be created.

Future high demand for general planning in school construction
CANZLER would like to expand its expertise in school construction with similar projects in the future, e.g. also in the area of general planning. "In many places, older school buildings have to be adapted to new requirements, so there will be a high demand for general planning services in particular in the coming years," says Michael Nolte, Managing Director and Hamburg Office Manager at CANZLER. "We can apply our experience in building in existing structures and the associated processes very well to the conversion and renovation of school buildings," says Nolte.