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CANZLER coordinating FM tender for apoBank

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Total of 90 branches nationwide with demanding operating requirements.

CANZLER assisted Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank (apoBank), headquartered in Düsseldorf, in tendering its technical facility management at its 90 branches throughout Germany, covering a total gross floor area of no less than 152,000 m2. The array of sites and the specific requirements of the bank users at the head office made the tendering process very complex.

apoBank has been the principal bank of the medical and healthcare community for over 117 years. Its client base includes members of the medical and healthcare professions, their professional organizations and associations, healthcare providers and healthcare companies. apoBank’s branch network includes major locations like Frankfurt, Berlin, Hanover and its Düsseldorf HQ with a gross floor area of 45,000 m2. At many locations there are mid-sized branches and individual offices providing advisory services at places where hospital and clinics are based.

CANZLER tendered the technical facility management on behalf of apoBank at standard market conditions. For each of the bank’s 90 branches the emphasis was on compiling a list of specifications tailored to the site and its facilities, broken down according to cost centers in some cases. “Just the sheer number of sites and technical facilities made the tendering process extremely complex,” explains Moritz Krause, project manager in CANZLER’s FM section.

The bank’s Düsseldorf head office entailed specific requirements with regard to availability. This site poses an extreme test of a service provider’s technical prowess on account of the highly elaborate building control system and the extensive programming conversion work requires, in addition to lighting technology that is just as sophisticated. Moreover, the bank operations themselves involve exacting user requirements: “Here the emphasis was on factoring in the security technology specs and access procedures, particularly with regard to unforeseen interventions, e.g. in the event of issues with operations,” Krause stresses.

Gebäude der ApoBank
Abbildung: © apoBank