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An all-new House of Knowledge is taking shape in Bochum

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A construction project posing special challenges of its own: ZPP has been awarded the structural design contract for the House of Knowledge in Bochum. This project involves converting the existing building with all partial demolition, gutting, upgrading, and refurbishment work along with constructing new building sections including an imposing covered market.

Opened as the main post office in 1931, the stately brick building — situated in a prime location across from the Bochum townhall — stood empty for many years. Now the building is being repurposed: Rechristened the House of Knowledge, it is to become a place for people to meet and interact and a place of life-long learning: forward-looking, urban, and open. The centerpiece of the House of Knowledge is formed by the main municipal library, the adult education center, UniverCity — the Bochum higher education association —, and a new indoor market.

The approx. 6,000 sqm existing site will be supplemented by a 5,000 sqm open space, in addition to another 4,500 sqm of offices and seminar rooms, repair shops, and storage areas. The inner courtyard, previously used for parking, will be refashioned as a covered market, offering space for 60 stalls in an area measuring 2,000 sqm. The exterior contour of the existing L-shaped building will be preserved at the front so that the ensemble effect with the historic Bochum townhall remains intact.

SOCOTEC Germany’s wealth of expertise and solid building construction experience make it the ideal partner when it comes to modern urban redevelopment.

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