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There’s “digitization”. And there’s “digital transformation”.

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Digitizing your documents is only the first step. Just because you have everything in digital format doesn’t mean you have “gone digital”. Using examples from their day-to-day work, the BIM experts at ZPP INGENIEURE show how digital transformation has to be continuously lived.

“Digitalization” is frequently confused with “digitization”, which is only the first step on the road to digital transformation. [ASB1] This topic is touched upon in an article penned by Marcel Klein, Felix Nagel and Jens Seiler in the Innovation and Digital Transformation section of the October issue of the VBI’s bi-monthly magazine.

Drawing upon a couple of examples from their day-to-day work at ZPP INGENIEURE, the authors show how digital technology is embraced throughout the company. Since paper-bound and analog technologies are dispensed with entirely, media are digital from end to end in the processes described by the authors.

SOCOTEC Germany showcases once more its expertise when it comes to BIM and digital transformation.


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