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1st BIM Model – As Built Certification


SOCOTEC Certification France delivered the first certification BIM Model – As Built, demonstrating a student accommodation building - built by Nexity in partnership with Engie-Axima – is fully compliant with the built structure.

Delivered in January, this certification is an unprecedented step in France. Our subsidiary is the first company to certify that a BIM model complies with a completed building from Nexity, which is the first property developer to receive such certification in France.

Guaranteeing compliance with the BIM model and the completed structure

This certification allows the project manager, when handing over a structure, to supply certification from an independent organisation that confirms the building is fully compliant with the data and BIM model provided.

BIM Model – As Built certification is based on a very detailed set of guidelines drawn up by SOCOTEC Certification France, in collaboration with the BIM experts in the SOCOTEC Group and BIM in Motion, SOCOTEC’s start-up partner.

As part of the certification process, several phases across different key stages of the project are audited to include:

  • Audit of the project’s BIM Management system
  • Audits of the structure and the model content; including quality, comprehensiveness and the data as compared to the guidelines
  • Verification, via onsite audits, that the BIM model matches the built structure, using augmented reality technology.

BIM model certification: quality and productivity gains ensured

Project managed by Nexity, on behalf of Nexity Studéa, the certified building is the Le Lauréat student accommodation block in Villejuif, near Paris, which includes 68 apartments for a total surface area of 1,557 square metres. Handed over in September 2017, it is built of cross-laminated timber (CLT). The certification has been delivered after construction, based on post-handover audits.

The introduction of BIM Model – As Built certification is part of SOCOTEC’s development of an innovative range of BIM services.

SOCOTEC teams will be present at the BIM World fair, to be held 2-3 April at Paris’s Porte de Versailles conference centre. They will be presenting all BIM services and holding a seminar on BIM Model certification on Monday, 2 April at 12.00 with Nexity and SXD (Engie-Axima).

To learn more about BIM Model – As Built certification:

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